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Clearly structured statistics make it easy for you to optimize HR processes.

Professional careers site

for your employer branding

Is your jobs site mobile-ready? Easily design a professional career portal and appealing job advertisements – consistent, of course, with your corporate identity. Because employer branding is becoming increasingly important – and you only get one shot at a first impression.
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Professional careers site

Intelligent multiposting

saves you time & money

With eRecruiter GO, you can post job advertisements to 1,300+ available channels with only a few clicks. To help you avoid wasting time or money, our AI will identify the channels where you will definitely reach your intended target group.

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Intelligent multiposting

Straightforward collaboration

clearly structured & efficient

Say goodbye to e-mail flood and paper chaos: With eRecruiter GO, you can coordinate work in your team in a clear and straightforward manner and easily obtain feedback on applicants from colleagues. And you will constantly have a clear view of the workflow.

Straightforward collaboration

Video recruiting

for immediate and legally compliant use

Video interviews are received very positively by digital natives. If you are a recruiter, they facilitate the shortlisting process – even when working from home: They make getting a personal impression of candidates through live video calls uncomplicated and cost-efficient. And, of course, GDPR-compliant.

Video recruiting

Automated CV parsing

Digitalizing candidate documentation

More time for the essentials: Say goodbye to cumbersome typing, copying, or confusing archives. Import data in no time at all.

Intra-team communication

Coordinating work with colleagues is so easy

Forget about lengthy correspondence and cluttered mailboxes: Get direct feedback from colleagues in your recruiting tool, easily and in a clearly organized way.

Recruiting KPIs at a glance

More efficient thanks to clear analyses

Key performance indicators paint a clear picture: Thanks to conclusive statistics, you will know exactly where you can optimize processes and save valuable resources.

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Ideal recruiting tool for startups & SME’s

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