eRecruiter Manage your recruiting process.

Made simple.

Map out your entire recruitment process, from job posting to successfully filling a position.

Communication with applicants

Regardless of whether you accepting applications submitted online, applications by e‑mail, or application portfolios sent by post, eRecruiter offers personalised communication.

  • Customisable e‑mail templates

  • Building a talent pool

  • Records management


Department Portal

Via the department portal, everyone involved in the recruitment process can be kept up to date about approved applicants and open positions, and can in turn provide structured feedback.

  • Collaboration with no need for training

  • Comprehensible documentation

  • Easy written communication


Career Portal

Post your job adverts quickly and easily on your career portal with just one click. In addition, you can use eRecruiter to submit your job advertisements to numerous premium and sector-specific job boards using multi-posting.

  • Responsive career portal

  • Self-service zone for applicants

  • Individual application options



eRecruiter offers a large number of statistics. On request, we will provide you with the collected key figures from eRecruiter in Microsoft Excel. You can format the worksheets yourself or generate your own aggregations or charts based on the data contained in them.

  • Detailed applicant information

  • Application source

  • Response time


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