Talent Sourcing

Do not fish in an empty sea during active sourcing. Store promising candidates in your own talent pool and, when it matters most, access a strong network.

Successful Active Sourcing?

Made simple.

Talent Rela­ti­ons­hip Manage­ment with eRecruiter

Stay in touch with the best talents and win them for your company. Keep informed about news and vacancies via e-mail. In the long term, you as a recruiter will benefit enormously from a well-maintained talent pool.

Talent Rela­ti­ons­hip Manage­ment with eRecruiter

Finding instead of searching

Thanks to flexible filter options, you can always filter suitable candidates from your database. In addition, you can add notes to candidates or group them in lists of candidates for frequently vacated positions.

DSGVO-compliant sources

With the eRecruiter you stay in contact with the most promising candidates in compliance with DSGVO. Data can be automated and deleted in time or anonymised if candidates so wish.

Suitable Matching

Match open positions with the candidates in your talent pool. The semantic search technology of our partner Textkernel supports you in finding interesting and suitable candidates.

eRe­crui­ter is your Active Sourcing Tool

Our recruiting software supports you in structuring applicant data in such a way that you can find them quickly when an open position needs to be filled. In addition to the full-text search, you can also use targeted filtering according to criteria such as work experience, place of residence, etc.

eRe­crui­ter is your Active Sourcing Tool

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