Analyse important key figures from your recruiting process.

How fast can a position be filled and how many interviews do you have to conduct? eRecruiter provides the answers to your questions and presents them in graphic format.


eRecruiter loves Excel and creates statistics for you

eRecruiter offers a large number of statistics. On request, we will provide you with the collected key figures from eRecruiter in Microsoft Excel. You can format the worksheets yourself or generate your own aggregations or charts based on the data contained in them.

eRecruiter loves Excel and creates statistics for you

Application source

Which job boards where the job advert is posted do the most applicants come from? Or do they come from your own career portal? eRecruiter provides you with the answer.

Detailed applicant information

eRecruiter provides an overview of your applicants’ data and gives you all the important information such as age, gender, professional profile, and geographical origin at a glance.

Applicant comparison

Get quick and easy statistics on applicants for a particular job. The applicant comparison is a filterable list of all applicants for a job, which can be exported to Excel.

Data mining

Well-maintained applicant data is like gold for the HR department. eRecruiter provides you with comprehensive documentation of everything and lets you view valuable data as individual statistics or transfer it to third-party systems via a standard interface.

Data mining

GDPR-compliant recruitment process

eRecruiter lets you apply settings that make it easy to process personal applicant data in accordance with the applicable General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Increase recruitment quality

Evaluate key figures such as the response time between the receipt of the application and the first personal contact or the response time of the department and thereby optimise your processes.

Connect web analysis tools

Use the free Google Tag Manager to manage analysis tools such as Google Analytics or third-party tracking codes on your career page.

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