Recruiting Workflows

Don’t get carried away. Keep an overview of applicants, dates and to-do’s. Optimize processes so that you have more time for the important things. We know how.

Juggle all tasks confidently?

Made simple.

eRecruiter gives you an overview

Which applicants have which status? When should Candidate X hear from you? What does department manager Y think about your favourite? Questions that the eRecruiter will answer after a few clicks. He knows the next step and reminds you in time.

eRecruiter gives you an overview

Orientation through traffic light system

Everyone understands this language: Thanks to a clear traffic light system in the eRecruiter, you always know where someone is in the application process and what to-do is pending.

Shorten decision paths

The eRecruiter enables timely, structured and transparent coordination with the many stakeholders in the company (e.g. departments, managers). Notes, comments and ratings are inserted with just a few clicks.

Seamless documentation

Help your recollection: In the eRecruiter your communication and every interaction with specialist departments, the works council, applicants, etc. remains stored and thus traceable.

eRecruiter makes communication easy

More service for your specialist departments: The user-friendly interface for specialist departments can be operated intuitively and immediately, even without training. Different roles and rights can be easily assigned.

eRecruiter makes communication easy

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