Employer Branding

There is only one first impression. And this must convince potential candidates. With the right measures, you as an employer will not only become visible, but also appealing.

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Your perfect career site with eRecruiter

If you want to appear professionally, your career site should fit smoothly into your overall corporate identity. No problem for the eRecruiter: it adapts to your look and feel.

Your perfect career site with eRecruiter

Respon­si­ve Design

A contemporary career site should also be mobile-capable and work on mobile phones. Practical functions such as CV Drag & Drop, Scan, Xing and LinkedIn data import are also available to applicants.

Simple, fast publication

Do not waste time creating job advertisements. Our recruiting tool will save you up to 15 minutes when posting on your career site. Click, click, online!

One click, many channels

If you are not looking for open positions on your career site, you should still find them. That is why you can publish your job advertisements on many job boards with just one click in the eRecruiter dank multiposting function.

Self Ser­vice Zone in eRecruiter

Why not invite your applicants to create their own profile on your career portal, manage their profile data, update it regularly or, if desired, delete it. Your advantage? More time and more up-to-date data.

Self Ser­vice Zone in eRecruiter

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