Improve communication with applicants.

The recruiting software eRecruiter gives you an overview of all the applications received. You can find out the status of an applicant and communicate with them individually at any time.

Made simple.

eRecruiter supports all ways to apply

Regardless of whether you accepting applications submitted online, by e‑mail, or application portfolios sent by post, both e‑mail and postal applications can be easily read out using the CV parser and imported into eRecruiter in no time at all.

eRecruiter supports all ways to apply

Personal communication

Add your personal touch to communication with applicants and documentation using individual e‑mail templates. You can also use templates to manage your appointments.

Flexible online application

Ensure the ideal applicant experience for every position! eRecruiter offers the option to customise the online application form for each position.

E‑Mail Ser­vice & Job-Newsletter

A welcome e‑mail after an applicant has registered, matching job offers, or news via e‑mail — all this can be automated with eRecruiter.

eRecruiter provides an overview.

What is the status of each applicant? When should applicant X hear from me again? Questions you no longer have to ask yourself thanks to eRecruiter. The entire application process – from receipt of the application to its current status – is available at the click of a button and a traffic light system reminds you of the next steps.

eRecruiter provides an overview.

Search in your own talent pool

eRecruiter makes it easy to conduct a full-text search of the current applicant database, the talent pool – so you can search by criteria such as work experience, place of residence, salary requirements, and many more.

Records management

Create applicant lists for positions that need to be filled frequently. eRecruiter lets you annotate and classify applicants so you can target them again at a later date.

Suitable Matching

Match open positions with applicants from your talent pool. Our partner Textkernel’s semantic search technology helps you find interesting and suitable applicants for new positions.

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