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eRecruiter Good collaboration with managers and specialist departments.

The managers and respective contact persons from specialist departments have access to a tailor-made and highly user-friendly interface, for which various roles and permissions can also be defined.



eRecruiter offers more services for your specialist department

Via the department portal, everyone involved in the recruitment process can be kept up to date about approved applicants and open positions, and can in turn provide structured feedback.


Collaboration from day one with no need for training

eRecruiter has a very user-friendly interface and is intuitive to operate, so no prior training is needed for specialist departments to collaborate with the HR department.

Comprehensible documentation

Every interaction between managers and specialist departments, such as assessments or notes on applicants, is documented comprehensibly and centrally. This shortens decision-making channels.

Easy communication between all parties involved

The conversation function lets HR, specialist departments and, if involved, personnel consultants and works councils communicate easily. This communication is also stored in the history and ensures complete documentation.

eRecruiter enables transparent cooperation

If the responsible manager of the specialist department has access to a particular job, there is nothing in the way of professional collaboration. All important information and documents can be seen and accessed at a glance by all those involved.


Do you have questions? eRecruiter answers.