eRecruiter Software is a separate company now

ICON_thumb (1)Effective October 1, 2016, the eRecruiting-Software of epunkt will operate under the name of eRecruiter GmbH. The software was previously in the same legal form as epunkt Internet Recruiting GmbH. Due to the positive business development, the application management software is now an independent company.

To date, epunkt’s business units have been bundled in the recruiting and candidate management software of epunkt Internet Recruiting GmbH. The phenomenal growth in the software unit has led to the development of an independent company. In September 2014, a start was made in this direction with its own brand identity.

None of the changes in the structure are associated with the change of name. The proximity to epunkt in terms of technical expertise is maintained. “With the step of renaming, we consider our business development and the success of the latest annual financial statement,” says owner Daniel Marwan. With a unique company name, Marwan wants to create more clarity in the communication with the customers and avoid confusion with the service of epunkt.

The company structure remains the same, epunkt’s Managing Director Sam Zibuschka and Lorenz Gräff the current eRecruiter Business Unit Manager are assigned as Managing Director.

eRecruiter covers the entire recruiting process: From job advertisements to successful placement. The entire workflow is customised individually to the customer.

About eRecruiter – successful development since 2007

eRecruiter is the candidate management software of epunkt, one of Austria’s largest recruiting firms.epunkt has over 15-years of recruiting-experience in the software eRecruiter developed by them and successfully marketed this product since 2007.Recruiter employs around 30 employees and occupies a top position in the international competition. Well-known brands such as Zara, Porsche or Brau Union are using the recruiting tool.