perview: our new partner for talent management


Talent management: one of themost challenging tasks in human resources management is finding and recruiting highly talented staff. Bringing the employees into a position in wich they can use their qualities in an optimum way leads them to develope a higher grade of motivation, produce more high-quality-work and discover a new level of loyalty towards their company.

Our partner perview specialised in talent management and therefore ist the perfect match for our eRecruiter, wich coverst he recruiting process one step earlier.

Discover the talents in your enterprise!

If you want to point out hidden talents in your own company, you have to overcome some obstacles first. Getting to know the employees‘ strenghts and weaknesses better blocks ressources instead of freeing them. This initial disproportion can be scary.  By using perview’s Talent Management Suite, a software-based process support, the quest for talents turns into a highly effective undertaking.

13 individually adjustable modules will be easy to integrate in existing routines in everydays‘ work and help you support every single of your employees on their way to most positive development of skills.

Talentmanagement-Software à la carte

The Talent Management Suite clearly covers every part of talent management and is particularly easy to handle:

  • delivers goal-oriented appraisal interviews
  • creates and cultivates employees‘ profiles
  • provides availability of data and an effective e-learning enviroment
  • always holds a 360° feedback ready for a detailled overwies

A perfect match: contact us to learn more about the synergetic effects the partnership between perview and eRecruiter can create in your company.