eRecruiter Case Study: Styria Media Group

Interview Christian Moser eRecruiting

The Styria Media Group is not only one of the most innovative media enterprises in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, but also a pioneer in recruiting. Nearly 3,000 employees with diverse professional backgrounds – everything from local news editor to web developer – are recruited by Christian Moser and the entire HR team each year. And since October 2014, they are doing so using the eRecruiter.

Mr Moser, you are responsible for Human Resources and Recruiting at Styria. Is it easier as a media group and “Great Place to Work” to find good personnel?

Moser: Good results in the “Great Place to Work” surveys, as our subsidiaries or in Croatia have achieved, of course set a strong signal to the candidates that they can look forward to a well-positioned organisation. The media industry as such is in the midst of what is probably its most exciting phase in the digital transformation as it is already showing, for example, at or This is when things become interesting for a lot of candidates. Yet, recruiting for technical positions still continues to be a challenge. What many people do not know yet: Styria, for example, employs by far more than 100 software developers.

Since October 2014, you are working with the eRecruiter. What were the challenges you faced before you started using the software?

Moser: Our vision is to promote an ideal candidate experience for each candidate in the application process. To achieve this, complete and swift communication with the candidates is decisive besides professionally conducted interviews. In light of the big number of applications, this used to cause tremendous difficulties for us in the manual processes.

Keyword “Candidate Experience”: How does eRecruiter support you in this process?

Moser: It starts with the uncomplicated publication of job ads on a wide range of job platforms with an online application option that is reduced to what is essential, and personalised responses can also be sent to the candidates with just one click.

Because of the central archiving of the application process in the tool, each employee of the HR team can also provide information quickly, for example, to enquiries from the candidates.

The eRecruiter ensures that no candidate is passed over, even if there are sometimes more than 100 applications for any one given job.

What is your favourite feature of eRecruiter?

Moser: There are several. The possibility for posting job classifieds on multiple job platforms with just a few clicks is one of them. In particular, the automated interface configured to link to our own job platform,, is extremely useful. Personalised letters of regret, online applications, and the practical feature for forwarding matching candidates to the relevant executive staff in an uncomplicated way via a web portal are also extremely helpful.

What did you value most to in the selection of the recruiting software?

Moser: We invested a lot of time to get as much clarity as possible about our own recruiting process first. Then, we defined the 15 “use cases” that are most important to us and for which we need the tool. These use cases were then also the basis for selecting the recruiting software. We were able to test every software program by means of these use cases. In result, a very clear picture emerged of which software program is suitable and which one is not.

In terms of features, it was important to us to get a web-based and very reliable tool that offers important functions, such as an online application option, recognition of duplicate applications, automated communication with candidates, filing of our recruiting workflow, candidate history, simple management of the publication channels and much more. That was the case with the eRecruiter.

The other point important to us was the extent to which we could approach the provider with our questions, the kind of support service made available, and also who our specific contacts for implementation were.

How did you experience the implementation process?

Moser: First off, we started with a pilot to set up the system in an ideal way and we then rolled it out to the entire organisation.
What impressed me most in that phase was that we had contacts, who are tremendously competent in terms of technology and who accomplished to translate said technical know-how brilliantly for “non-techies” and explain it comprehensibly – meanwhile they proved to have a lot of patience in the process 😉 Also, the rapid response times surprised us positively when something was not working right. We got the impression from the entire eRecruiter team of being warm and professional at the same time.

What trends do you perceive in recruiting? Does the software solution meet these future requirements?

Moser: The entire recruiting process, including candidate management and communication with the candidates will soon shift very much towards social tools like XING and foremost LinkedIn. The eRecruiter already meets this trend halfway in that candidates can apply directly via their Xing or LinkedIn profile.

Name: DI (FH) Christian Moser, MA
Job title: Human Resources
eRecruiter user since: November 2014
Favourite feature: Interface to the job platform

Bildnachweis: Styria Media Group